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Viagra_TabletteOne of the biggest challenges of today is counterfeit. The awareness and negative consequences of this problem is growing, but unfortunately not as quick as the amount of counterfeit itself.

A very popular area for counterfeiters are pharmaceuticals. Only in the Netherlands the dazzling amount of 155.000 pills very captured by customs last months. It is very easy to order these through internet: it is cheap and anonymous (whereas people are sometimes ashame for buying some pharmaceuticals). But what is real and what is fake? A danger for society as most times these fake pharmaceuticals are not effective and even full of poison.

Time for action. In 2013, pharmaceutical companies have developed together with Interpol a Crime Program to address these illegal practices. A close cooperation between these entities and different other authorities including national healthcare authorities and the World Customs Organization (WCO) resulted in many seized products and even arrests.

Moreover, the EU has composed the Falsified medicines directive in order to intensify the fight against these illegal pharmaceuticals.  Also, the possibilities to seize these products at customs are enlarged.

But still, awareness with the customers is the most important thing. If people can recognize real from fake and nobody is buying these fakes, there is no market. This has urged the Dutch government to introduce a website where you can check the official online providers of pharmaceuticals: a new step against illegal pharmaceuticals.

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