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The information on this page may provide the answer to your question. If it does not, or if you would like our advice about a specific subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Searching the availability of your trademark name is very important. After all, you don’t want to invest in a trademark only to learn that it’s already taken! Or, worse, that you must recall your products! You wouldn’t be the first to have to do so. A search is therefore crucial. Even if the search reveals that your trademark isn’t available, a few adjustments may make it so.

As a specialist in the field, Knijff will be pleased to search the availability of your trademark and provide you with clear advice and solutions.

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A trademark can be a name, company name or logo. The availability of all of these elements can be searched. The first step is usually the identical trademark search: a first screening to check if your trademark name has already been registered. A more detailed search into your trademark can then be made. A detailed trademark search provides an insight into any risks of pre-existing trademark rights.

A logo search will check the availability of logo elements that form part of your trademark. A search of the Chamber of Commerce registers can also prove very useful. Knijff can carry out this search for you, and then advise you.

A good starting point for most searches is the Benelux area. If you also operate outside the Benelux, Knijff offers a special product for global searches: Multisearch®.

It goes without saying that Knijff will advise you on the searches that would suit you best based on your ambitions and budget. Click the button below to learn more about the various types of searches.


We can provide you with an initial identical screening within 24 hours, and the results of an availability search within five working days. Do you need the results sooner? Then we can speed up the process to three days, subject to a priority fee. Searches outside the Netherlands generally take eight working days to complete.

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A trademark search checks a trademark’s availability for use and registration and possible so-called conflicting trademarks, trademarks that greatly resemble the proposed trademark. Based on pre-existing rights, trademark owners may object to the use and registration of corresponding trademarks. A trademark search should prevent that from happening.

An identical search checks the appearance of identical names in the register. Because trademarks that are very similar to the proposed trademark may also form an objection, an availability search also checks for such similar trademarks. A specialist search agency will analyse trademarks that correspond with your trademark. The analysis is submitted to Knijff who will then assess the trademarks for possible risks.

Important in a trademark search are the specific products and services for which your trademark will be used. They play an important role in assessing whether or not a trademark poses an objection. Following a comparison of the trademarks and products/services, your trademark attorney will present you with a risk assessment on whether or not another trademark forms an obstacle for your trademark. We consider not only the legal risk (whether or not a party may take action against you), but also the action risk (the likelihood of this happening). This will give you a realistic view of the feasibility of your trademark.

In addition to availability, the registrability of your trademark is also checked. A trademark must meet certain standards to be able to serve as a trademark, such as be distinctive, non-descriptive, and not in violation of public order. Your trademark attorney will assess your trademark for these aspects too. Finally, the proposed trademark is checked for any negative connotations in different languages. We will then send you a report with our advice about the availability and registrability of your trademark.

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Bij een merkonderzoek wordt het register afgespeurd naar mogelijke obstakels ten aanzien van het gebruik en registratie van uw (nieuwe) merk. Zo bent u vóór de registratie op de hoogte van eventuele bezwaren die kunnen ontstaan. Dat geeft u de kans om te overwegen of u echt door wilt gaan met het voorgestelde merk. Soms zijn de mogelijke obstakels die uit het onderzoek naar voren komen eenvoudig te elimineren. Een (kleine) aanpassing in het voorgestelde merk kan de afstand met het oudere merk voldoende maken zodat de merken prima naast elkaar moeten kunnen bestaan.

In sommige gevallen kan de producten of diensten specificatie, waarvoor het merk geregistreerd wordt, aangepast worden zodat er geen overlap meer is met het oudere merk. Toestemming vragen aan de merkhouder van het oudere merk is soms ook nog een optie om latere bezwaren te voorkomen. En helaas, in sommige gevallen is het echt beter om op zoek te gaan naar een ander merk. Daarom adviseren wij u om ons tijdig bij het proces van merkontwikkelingen te raadplegen, zodat u nog flexibel bent in de keuze. Heeft u meerdere namen bedacht voor uw merk? Dan adviseren wij u om eerst identieke onderzoeken te doen. De meest hoopgevende merken kunnen we dan nader onderzoeken op de beschikbaarheid en de registreerbaarheid.

Wilt u meer weten over het checken van de beschikbaarheid van uw merk?


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