Advantages and disadvantages European trademark registration

The European trademark registration system is a huge success and can be a very attractive option of you to protect your trademarks in the event you know the way in this system. The attorneys of Knijff are professional European trademark representatives who can assist you in protecting your trademarks in the European Union and in other countries.

Advantages European trademark registration
The European Union covers now 28 countries. With a European registration your trademark is protected in all these countries by the means of just one trademark registration. In the near future new countries will probably join the European Union. This protection will automatically be extended to with new European member states.

One of the great advantages of the European trademark registration is that you do not have to use your trademark in all the separate member states in order to maintain your trademark right.

Moreover, the European Union forms one border against counterfeit that is imported into the European Union. A European trademark registration is in this respect a must.

In the event you already have national trademark applications in the EU, you can include these trademarks in an European trademark registration while the old protection dates of these marks will be maintained. This could be very attractive as you do not need to renew these separate trademark registration anymore.

Disadvantages European trademark registration
Unfortunately, the system of the European trademark registrations has some disadvantages. The registration procedure includes an opposition procedure. Any holder of a similar trademark, even a national one, can object to the European trademark. In the event the opposition is successful, the entire European trademark registration will be rejected.

Moreover, while use in every Member State is not required, it has become clear that the European trademark registration is not designed for regional use only. Therefore, use in a small part of one country will probably to be sufficient in order to maintain your European trademark registration.