Advantages of a design registration

Nowadays, products are recognized more and more by their design. Think of the iPhone. Protection of the design by means of a design registration is therefore growing in popularity.

Registration of your design
A product’s design is an important distinguishing aspect in the minds of consumers. Unfortunately, well-known designs are often copied. In order to protect your distinctive design it is recommended to register your design as a design registration. The appearance of the design will then be protected and when competitors introduce their products they have to take distance of your design.

Several design registration procedures
There are several ways to protect your design. You can choose for the European design registration: by the means of one registration your design is protected in all 28 European member states. A different registration procedure is the International design registration that makes it possible to register your design in many countries member of this system. Knijff is a specialist in the protection of design and can assist you with design protection by the means of European or International design registrations.

What can be protected?

There are two kinds of designs that you may register:

– a new design for an object, such as a household appliance
– a new design that is going to be used on a product, such as a pattern for curtain material

The most important thing to realize is that you need to register the design before introducing it publicly. Otherwise, your design might be copied before even have registered it!

International design registration can be complicated
Product designs have to be registered in special design registers. This can be a complicated business, especially if the registration has to be applied for abroad. However at Knijff Trademark Attorneys, we are fully conversant with the various aspects of design protection. We are able to arrange thorough protection of your design. This increases the chance of it becoming a resounding success.