Can I use my new trademark?

You are in the process of creating new trademark names or you just have chosen one. A good first step is to learn whether this name is available as a trademark. First of all, Knijff will conduct a quick Scan in order to reveal identical trademarks. In the absence of these trademarks a full availability search will follow in order to have a clear view on all possible risks based on older trademarks.

Trademark search world wide

Knijff is the specialist in checking the availability of trademarks and clearing these marks. This service of Knijff is called Multisearch®. The trademark searches can be done in any country in the world. You will get search report including an opinion of a local agent (checking also the local rules and language) as well the overall opinion of Knijff. With these searches you will know exactly what the risks are and how to clear your mark (if necessary).

In the event you need your own search format please contact us.