Fake invoices, renewals and Chinese domain names

The trademark register is a publicly accessible database. Unfortunately, this means it is also open to mala fide businesses which may use it to make misleading offers for copycat registers. Don´t fall for it!

Your name on a new database
When you file your trademark, there may be a company looking over your shoulder. This company may send you a letter claiming to be an official trademark agency. Then, instead of charging you the standard taxes, it may charge you for inclusion in a worthless database. Unfortunately, there are quite a few businesses that operate in this way and new ones keep popping up. It has proven virtually impossible to combat their trade. What you and your financial department should remember, however, is simple – Knijff pays all standard taxes on your behalf. You should never receive invoices directly from third parties concerning any of your trademarks! If you are in doubt, please contact us and we will look into it.

Renewals you knew nothing about
Some companies presenting themselves as regular trademark agencies will send proprietors a renewal notification, announcing the renewal of the trademark for a fee that is many times the amount charged by a regular agency. One such company is World Bureau for Intellectual Property. Again, please remember that Knijff will inform you if you need to take action regarding your registration. Please ignore and discard any other correspondence regarding the renewal of your registration, or contact us if you are in doubt.

Registration of Chinese domain names
Proprietors are regularly approached by mala fide businesses about the registration of domain names. For instance, they may contact you stating that a third party claims your trademark as a domain name. Again – beware. One of the primary aims of such a comany is to sell you Chinese domain names for a considerable sum of money.