Objection or opposition against a trademark

Sometimes it is just necessary to object to the use or registration of a Trademark, company name or domain name. Knijff is very experienced in defending trademarks. The trademark attorneys of Knijff are official representatives and can file oppositions etc. on your behalf in the Benelux and the European Union.

Objection or opposition
A first step will be the assessment of your position. We will do this in a clear manner so you exactly know what your position is. In the event we think that you should defend your trademark we will assist you and will send a cease and desist letter or otherwise object to the use and/or registration of the infringing trademark. Knijff is also specialized in copyright law, company names, domain name and adwords which aspects will be included in an advice when applicable.

You received an objection or opposition
In the event some party objects to the use or registration of your trademark, company name or domain name, Knijff will assist you and will defend your position. Sometimes a case can be settled by a co-existence agreement. Knijff is very experienced in these cases and will you first of all a pragmatic and clear advice how to proceed.