Roadmap for new trademark

You have created a trademark for a company or a product. You also may have designed a new logo. What next?

Checking availability trademark
First, it is important to know whether the trademark and logo are available. There may be older (trademark) rights that could form an obstacle for the use and registration of your trademarks.

By the means of a trademark availability search Knijff will search for potential risks. In a search report we will clearly advise you on which risks (might) exist and how to diminish these possible risks. We will also advise you how to protect this trademark or logo in order to get the maximum of protection.

Registration of the trademark
The registration of your trademark is the second step. This is necessary because in many countries you only obtain a trademark right by registering it. A trademark registration gives you the exclusive right to a name or a logo. This name or logo is protected against other confusingly similar trademarks. Knijff is a specialist in trademark protection and will assist you in protecting your trademarks anywhere in the world.

Protection of design
Besides your trademark you may also use distinctive product design that differs from existing products. By protecting this design you force competitors to take a distance from your product design. Knijff can advise you whether your design can be protected and how to protect it in order to obtain maximum of protection.