Why searching?

More and more trademarks are being filed every year. Last year nearly 300.000 trademark applications were filed in the United States and 100.000 in the European Community (plus ten thousand trademarks application in the EU Member States on a national level as well!).

Therefore, using and registering a trademark without a preliminary search is no option. Imagine postponing or recalling a trademark launch due to a trademark fight!

A good and helpful trademark search will help you determining which trademarks are available or how to clear some potential risks (making your trademark available).  Multisearch® is a service developed by Knijff for clearing trademarks worldwide in a fast and reliable manner.

Multisearch® is focusing on searches with a legal opinion by a local attorney. On top of these searches you will get a clear legal opinion of an experienced trademark attorney of Knijff. This opinion summarizes the individual results of the countries searched and provides you with our legal comment on the availability of the candidates marks. You will exactly learn how to use and register your mark in several countries or how to further clear your mark without facing legal procedures and delays in time. Please read more about Multisearch® here.