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Louis Vuitton has made objections to a poster used at the University of Pennsylvania’s law school to promote an upcoming seminar on fashion law.

It concerns Louis Vuitton’s ‘toile monogram’ pattern, that is dominantly depicted on the top part of the promotional poster.

According to LV’s attorney the fact that the Penn Intellectual Property Group has a clear knowledge of IP law, makes it even worse: “(they) would understand the basics of intellectual property law and know better than to infringe and dilute the famous trademarks of fashion brands, including the LV trademarks, for a symposium on fashion law.”

The University denied the claim that the use is to be considered an infringement:”US trademark law expressly protects a noncommercial use of a mark and a parody from any claim for dilution. There was no violation of trademark law because there was no likelihood that Vuitton sponsored or was associated with the seminar”.

The question remains of course, what parody Penn University is talking about. It just seems the university used the famous Louis Vuitton trademark to attract students.

Smart as college professors are, they have already tried to solve the matter amicably, by sending an invitation to Louis Vuitton to attend the March 20 event. In-house counsel from other fashion companies are scheduled to speak on panels at the symposium “and we are sure the students would welcome your attendance as well,” according to the university.


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