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rime-moschino-katy-perryGraffiti artist Rime is suing Italian fashion house Moschino and its designer, Jeremy Scott, for copyright infringement after one of Rime’s graffiti’s had been incorporated in a dress and suit.

The work of the graffiti artist known as Rime has been displayed in several museums and galleries around the world. Now Rime claims that Moschino incorporated a reproduction of one of his works called “Vandal Eyes” in a dress. The dress got attention when it was worn by singer Katy Perry at the latest Metropolitan Museum of Art gala.

Rime also claims that his name and fake signature were reproduced on clothes and accessories, and that “Moschino” was included in the print, making it appear that the print was created by the fashion house. Rime created “Vandal Eyes” in 2012, when he was invited by a property owner to create a giant mural on a wall of a building in Detroit.

This isn’t the first case of a graffiti artist suing a fashion company that has created a piece based on “inspiration”. It seems clear copyright infringement to us. Let’s see what the court says.

vandal eyes - rime - moschino


© TPG Images (Katy Perry) / © piecesofdetroit/Instagram (mural)

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