FC Barcelona not happy with Barça Textile

FC Barcelona has filed a lawsuit against the Turkish company ‘Barca textile’, stating that the company is using the name Barca for commercial purposes. The Spanish top football club is also known by the name ‘Barça’.

Barca Textile has started commercializing its trademark in Turkey five years ago, while the football team has been called ‘Barça’ since 1899, the year in which it was founded.

“The exclusive rights to the brand name undoubtedly belongs to my client. We request that the trademark ‘Barca’ of the other party be cancelled and declared invalid,” the football club’s lawyer states.

Ali Öziçer, the CEO of Barca Textiles, does not seem worried: “Barca means boat in Italian.” Moreover, the company has been in existence for 22 years and exports clothing to many European countries, including Germany and Italy.

The issue arose when the Spanish club made plans to open a restaurant in Turkey. “The people from FC Barcelona came here and asked the Turkish authorities for permission to open a restaurant under the name ‘Barça’ and we objected. The club has then submitted a second application and we have again submitted a notice of objection. And now they have filed a lawsuit,” Öziçer says.

Let see how this plays out.

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