Fight between lions

LowenbrauA lion, the king of the animals, who would not use such an animal as a logo for his of her brand? Of all animals, the lion is very popular in logos. A comparison with marks in the European Union or European Menber States: there are 707 logo’s with a lion, 124 brands with a duck, and only 71 with a spider. So, the lion wins.

The lion is also the subject of the beer fight between Löwenbräu beer and Two Tales Brewing. Löwenbräu has quite a history, the company has been founded in 1524! The lion stands proud in the logo of this beer. On the other hand, there is the beer with a logo of a lion with two mugs of beer in his legs (see below).

What is the similarity between the two logos? A lion with two tails, in a similar pose. But the similarity stops there. Löwenbräu has tried to show that its logo is well-known claiming a larger scope of protection, but the OHIM does not see sufficient evidence for this claim and concludes that the marks are insufficiently similar. What is left is the hangover, the day after.


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