Flip or Flow?

Flowboard. Flipboard. Are these name confusingly similar? The people behind the popular Flipboard app certainly think so.

Brent Brookler, CEO of Treemo and creator of e-publishing iPad app Flowboard, says Flipboard has been threatening him with legal action since shortly after their app launched back in April, asking him to change the name of his application. Flipboard also wants the logo changed, which they say is also too similar to its own logo.

Last week Treemo fired back, with a preemptively law suit, asking the court to rule that no infringement had taken place.

“We think we’re in the right”, Brookler states. “We tried to resolve it amicably, they continued to threaten us.”

Flipboard states that they are merely  concerned about the likelihood of confusion, and that they are committed to protecting their trademark.

Flowboard keeps stressing that both apps do different things: Flipboard lets users aggregate content others have created into a custom e-publication. Flowboard, however, creates e-publications from scratch. A different story altogether, says Flowboard.

MarkMatters.com is very curious if this war is going to be won by David (Flowboard: staff of 12 with $600,000 raised in funding) or Goliath (Flipboard: 80 employees with $60.5 million raised in funding).

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