Food fighters

In the music industry originality is something that counts. You can distinguish yourself by your music, your image and appearance (Lady Gaga) or by giving legendary concerts.

You can apparently also distinguish yourself by an artistic rider. A rider states the (culinary) wishes of the band (and crew) in respect of a concert.

The Foo Fighters get the honor of the most original rider: a coloring book full of jokes and activitypages (for example: different ways to make different forms of ice cubes).

On the Internet, this rider is a big hit. Dave Grohl: “The first idea was to make the rider look exactly like a laminated Waffle House menu, with, like, suggested servings and shit like that,” the singer says with a laugh. “But evidently that was just a little too tricky, so we opted for the coloring book.”

“Most of the rider is meant to make sure that the road crew are fed properly. Those guys show up at fucking seven o’clock in the morning, and they don’t leave that venue until about two o’clock in the morning. To be honest, that rider has more to do with them than anybody else. I could survive on microwaved burritos and Crown Royal.”

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