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tumblr_mke56nvyFt1rjc48bo1_1280Sometimes you still have companies who question the advantage of registering trademarks. “I am using the trademark without any problem for so long now” etc. Of course, not very sign or variant must be registered, but a trademark registration of your most important trademarks is a condition of protecting your business.
And sooner or later, this trademark will help you. Like the trademark registration of their logo helped HMV. You would say that this company is widely known. But not with everyone, apparently. HMV introduced a new coffee store in Hong Kong with the name HMV kafe and different logo (dog) some time ago. The German Qia saw some possibilities to introduce this concept in the EU, probably not knowing that HMV is a famous British store. He applied for this trademark in the EU and encountered HMV. So, with the trademark in their hand the opposition was won easily.
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