A trademark’s distinctiveness is dynamic. Advertising may promote a trademark, boosting its distinctive capabilities and protective scope. Conversely, misuse of a trademark may affect it, even to the point of the distinctive ability becoming non-existent.

Ways to keep your trademark strong

Always use your trademark as a trademark. For instance, always use it in combination with an ®, in capitals and, more importantly, never as a descriptive word. For instance, the Dutch company Yellowbrick is using the word “bricking” as a verb. This does not the distinctive power of the tradename. Are you in doubt as to whether or not you are using your trademark the right way? Then contact us, we will be more than happy to advise you.

Trademark manual

Do third parties such as distributors and resellers often use your trademark names and logos? Then put together a manual with the do’s and don’ts about the use of your trademark. It will help prevent the misuse of your trademark, affecting its protection.

Would you like advice about the use of your trademark?