I love the smell of Apple in the morning

What’s so appealing about Apple products? Is it the design? The glowing logo on the back of a Apple laptop? The feel of the products? Or maybe the smell?

When you unbox an Apple product, you are welcomed by a smell, which is a mixure of styrofoam and aluminum. For some a terrible odor, for others: heaven. The smell of a newly bought Apple product.

But as with the smell of a new car, after a week or two, it is gone. If only you could get that scent back. Hey, now you can!

Greatest Hits, a group of artists, has made a fragrance as part of an upcoming art exhibition in Melbourne. Because it was not possible to exactly bottle the aroma that emanates from a freshly-opened Apple box they made the smell from scratch.

The scent created is a mixture of perfume ingredients smelling of glue, plastic, paper and rubber. The result is a fragrance containing “the scent of a MacBook Pro”.

Sadly, the scent will not be for sale. Guess the only option is to buy a new Apple product every other week.

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Erwin Hauër

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