If you like it you just should have put a trademark on it

If you like it you just should have put a trademark on itArtist Beyoncé is fighting over the trademark rights for her daughter Blue Ivy’s name.

An event-planning company, named The Blue Ivy company, has submitted court documents in an effort to stop the pop star from getting ownership of the name “Blue Ivy Carter,” the full name of Beyoncé’s child with rapper Jay Z.

The famous couple’s daughter’s name was applied for in 2017 for products like video games and beauty supplies.

But the Blue Ivy company contested this application, stating that the motive for applying for the trademark is to simply make sure others aren’t able to obtain the name, and not to market products themselves.

It’s not the first time the Blue Ivy corporation has attempted to stop Beyoncé’s trademarking endeavours. The pop star was denied her effort to trademark the name Blue Ivy in 2012, when a court sided with the event company.

This time, Beyoncé clearly hopes adding the child’s name Carter will help. Well, if you like it you just should have pit a trademark on it. But the event company is putting up another fight.

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