How IKEA comes up with its product names

How IKEA comes up with its product namesHave you ever wondered who comes up with all the funny names of the IKEA furniture and accessories? And if they are even real Swedish names?

Sale, for instance, is called “Plundra”, which seems like a made-up name for plundering the IKEA store.

What most IKEA shoppers do not know, is that the names of the more than twelve thousand products are given through a very logical system.



  • Bathroom items are named after Swedish waters and lakes.
  • Sheets will be named after flowers and plants.
  • Beds, wardrobes and furniture for your hallway are named after Norwegian place names.
  • Bookcases are named after professions or Scandinavian boys names.
  • Vases, candlesticks and candles are named after Swedish place names, herbs or fruit.
  • Wall decorations, pictures, picture frames and clocks are named after Swedish expressions or Swedish place names.
  • Children’s products get the names of animals, birds or adjectives.
  • Desks and office chairs have Scandinavian boys names.
  • Fabrics and curtains have Scandinavian girls names.
  • Garden products are named after Scandinavian islands.
  • Kitchen items get the names of fish or mushrooms.
  • Lamps get the names of seasons, months, days or Swedish place names.
  • Carpets are named after Danish place names.
  • Sofas, couches, chairs and dining tables are named after Swedish place names.

No IKEA shopping spree will be the same after you know this.

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