Owners of recently published Benelux trademark applications/registrations/ renewals and – as far as we have noted – also owners of registrations which are recently published in other European countries, are flooded with touting activities of:

  • Ark AG, Zurich, Zwitserland

  • Commercial Centre for industry and Trade (Wirtschaftszentrale für Industrie und Gewerbe AG), Postfach 2115 (of 6), CH-8033 Zürich, Zwitserland

  • Company for Economic Publications Ltd., Nussdorferstrasse 38, Wenen, Oostenrijk

  • EAIP European Agency Intellectual Property, Rue des Colonies 9, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

  • EPTR European Patent and Trademark Register, Morska 35, 75-212 Koszalin, Poland

  • FIPTR Fed.Institute for Patent & Trademark Registry, Coconut Creek, Florida, U.S.A.

  • Global Edition KF, 9737 Buk, Ipar Utca 10, Hongarije

  • Globus Edition S.L., Calle San Miguel, 36 – 6, Palma de Mallorca, Spanje

  • Harper & Mead International – Orkam South America Trademark AG, Aspermontstrasse 24, 7006 Chur, Switserland

  • IBIP Internation Bureau for Intellectual Property, Summerville, SC 29485, USA

  • IFWP – Institut für Wirtschaftspublikationen AG in Lachen, Zwitserland

  • Infocom S.A., Postbus 1792, 1000 BT Amsterdam

  • Institute of Commerce for Industry, Trade, Commerce, Baar/Zug, Zwitserland

  • IOPTS LLC, 1156 Bowman rd. 200, Mt. Pleasant, SC 28464, USA

  • IP REGISTER DATABASE, Allacher St. 145, 80997 Munich, Germany

  • IPTR International Patent and Trademark register, PO Box 250413, 90129 Nürnberg, Germany

  • IPT-Register IPT sro, P.O. Box 0015, 800 90 Bratislava 090, Slovakia

  • Levin Nyman & Partners, Keizersgracht 482, 1017 EG Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • ODM srl (, P.O.Box 26, A-1143, Vienna, Austria

  • Patent and Trademark Office, 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., Washington, DC 20037, USA

  • SES Verzeichnis AG, Postbus 211 in Bern, Zwitserland

  • TM-Collection Edition 2010 – International Catalogue of trademarks, PO Box 201,
    9701 Szombathely, Hongarije

  • USTPA (U.S. Trademark Protection Agency), Seattle, U.S.A.

  • WIPOT d.o.o. – Jurija Gagarina 68, RS-11070 Beograd 27, Serbia

  • WIPP-World Intellectual Property Publisher, 398 E. Dania Beach Blvd #179, Dania Beach, FL 33004, USA

  • WOIP – World Organization Intellectual Property Kft., Miklos utca 13.8 em 42, 1035 Budapest, Hungary

  • WOTRA – World Organization for Trademarks, P.O.Box 221, 9002 Györ 2, Budapest, Hungary

  • WP S.L. Publications for the european Market P.O. Box 449, 46080 Valencia, Spain

  • WPTR s.r.o. – World Patent and Trademark Register, Prikop 843/4, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

  • Zentrales Datenregister (Central Dataregister), (Registre Centrale de donnees), Frankfurt, Duitsland

The firms offer entry in ‘a trade-mark-register’ by requesting payment of a considerable amount of money.

The circular letters these companies send are deceiving as it is suggested by the wording itself and by sending sometimes a copy of a recent trade mark publication in an official journal – which, in general, also indicates the address for service – that the owner might acquire trade mark rights if the mark will be entered into these registers. This is absolutely not the case! Neither is it a solicitation for a watch service.

If you receive such invitations – also if they are from other firms – we recommend to ignore it. If you are still in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us.