Producer-rapper-singer Will.i.am claims to be unfairly accused of stealing a song from a Russian dance producer for use on his new album.

Will.i.am acknowledged reaching out to Russian trance producer Arty. He loved his song “Rebound” and wanted to use it. Will.i.am recorded a new version of it with Chris Brown titled “Let’s Go”. But the track was used, before the deal was sealed. Meanwhile Arty collaborated with another artist on the song.

Will.i.am credits Arty as a writer on the song in the liner notes for his album “(hash)willpower,” released last week. He blamed the slow legal clearance process and said he didn’t know Arty had worked with another producer on the track. Will.i.am said his legal team was also at work on the issue.

The rapper’s explains his legal position: “You can’t steal if you credited somebody. He and I communicated. … It’s not my fault he didn’t tell me about the other guy. So who is to blame? I didn’t know.”

Will.i.am seems rather laid-back on the issue: “I don’t mind (…) That happens a bunch of times where legal takes so long. The creative is instantaneous. You want things to come out.”

The music industry is full of these legal battles; Madonna can tell you all about it (here, here and here).

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