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capri-sunOk, we admit it… not all IP cases are interesting and fun. Some need a little juicing up. But not this one. It’s a case in which two companies are fighting over the shape of a juice container…

Deutsche SiSi-Werke Betriebs (“SiSi”) is the owner of the iconic pouch shape design trademark known worldwide as the Capri-Sun flavored juice drink pouch. You know, the one where all the juice squirts out as soon as you put in the straw (because you are simultaneously squeezing the pouch).

The German juice company is now suing US based Faribault Foods, alleging that it is selling and distributing flavored beverages in similar pouches.

Faribault has been producing products for several brands including Wal-Mart’s Great Value line of flavored juice drinks. SiSi believes Faribault adopted SiSi’s iconic pouch design with the intention to confuse and misleid consumers, making them think the product originates from SiSi.

The iconic pouch design is a strong indicator of the source of Capri-Sun juice drinks in the eyes of the consumers in the United States and throughout the world and it would be a disservice to consumers to allow Faribault to continue deceiving and confusing customers into believing that the Faribault beverage products are affiliated with or endorsed by the same source as Capri Sun juice drinks“, says Carsten Kaisig, Managing Director of SiSi.

What do you think? Judge for yourselves.

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