Knijff – twenty-five years

knijff-25-yearsThis year Knijff, your host, will be celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary! A wonderful age for a great organisation – young, vibrant and confident about its future.

How did it start?
In 1989 Marius Knijff founded the firm Knijff Trademark Attorneys. Successfully, as it turned out. Knijff soon welcomed its first big account, and many more followed. Marius travelled across the world to argue the importance of trademark protection and to this day remains a well-loved and respected speaker in the world of Intellectual Property.

Marius Knijff was one of the founders of Marques, an organisation representing the interests of trademark owners. When Marius learnt to his surprise that trademark owners did not have their “own club”, he took it upon himself to found one. Marques is now a leading IP association, organising interesting and fun trademark conferences. Meanwhile, Knijff continued to develop. After taking over Dutch trademark agencies Intermark, Onel trademarks, Markmatters, and Ooteman & Partners, Knijff now has 60 committed professionals with a client portfolio to be proud of.

The future
Knijff is still growing, steadily, though we do not aim to be the biggest. We aim to be the best! Big enough to provide our customers with the services they need and yet small enough to keep our relations with our clients personal. We believe that sound trademark protection relies on a sound collaboration between client and attorney.

Here’s to the next 25 years!

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