Lady Gaga’s window dressing

Famous people attract a lot of attention. This attention is not always wanted as it seems that all creative endeavors of famous people are assessed on a “where-can-I-catch-you-on -plagiarism” thought.

Lady Gaga has endured many allegations and now it’s time for a new one: the window that Lady Gaga has arranged for Barneys (left) is heavily influenced by House of Olympia (below), a multimedia performance of the artist Colette (who had a Guggenheim exhibition in the nineties).

There are indeed some similarities: the colors, fabrics, the Victorian theme and the lying women. Colette: “One of my signatures is to have a total environment of which I’m part of, usually reclining, sometimes nude”.

Perhaps there has been some inspiration but for a serious violation of copyrights, the creation of Lady Gaga takes too much distance, in the eyes of Fortunately, Colette is not a bitter person “I look at Gaga more as a daughter or a descendent than as an enemy or competitor.” However Colette thinks it is sad that Lady Gaga did not even called her. Good (?) news for Lady Gaga,  the issue can be resolved with a sponsored exhibition at the Moma and a nice catalog (!).

Source: Artinfo



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