Lamborghini starts a bullfight

Lamborghini starts a bullfightThe logo of Lamborghini is well-known, also for people who do not love well designed fast cars. This trademark is protected not only for cars but for a wide range of products, with an eye on the various merchandising that exists.
Recently this bull came (in the legal arena) eye to eye with another dangerous bull (the logo on the right). This bull was filed as EU trademark for amongst others jewellery and clothing.
Before the EUIPO could assess the similarity of products and trademarks, the question had to be answered whether the trademarks of Lamborghini were genuinely used. Lamborghini had submitted evidence of use of the trademark. And even though it was not used everywhere identical to the registered trademark, the EUIPO considers that the differences are just minor changes and accepts the evidence (for some of the products).
But it goes wrong for Lamborghini. The trademarks in question are not similar enough to cause confusion. The background is different, the words differ. It is not sufficient that both logo’s consist of a dangerous looking bull, according to the EUIPO. The overall impression must resemble, and that is not the case. So, unfortunate for Lamborghini this opposition does not hit the bulls eye.
Lamborghini starts a bullfight

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