Lawyer me up, Scotty!

star-trek-spockWhen a Star Trek fan makes a movie, it is bound to have Star Trek references. But now, a “Trekkie” is being accused of copyright infringement. December, last year, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios filed a copyright infringement complaint against a Star Trek fan film titled Axanar. According to the movie studios the crowdfunded production infringed upon the studios’ work by using “innumerable” elements of the sci-fi franchise.
The movie studios claim that the movie Anaxar has “borrowed” too much of the original Sci-Fi series and movies: everything from the Klingon language to the “feel and mood” of the original Star Trek. Broad plot points (like the use of phasers and “beaming up”), minute cosmetic details (like the gold cowl neck on a Starfleet Command uniform and the use of triangular medals), the Klingons’ spiky makeup and the Vulcans’ pointy ears and eyebrows; so much in the movie reminds of the original, without the movie giving its own twist.
“Defendants have intentionally sought to replicate the Star Trek copyrighted works, down to copying costumes, makeup and jewelry and, in doing so, they have sought to create a ‘Star Trek’ film,” the lawsuit reads.
After Paramount and CBS filed thelawsuit, Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin tweeted his support for the independent filmmakers: “This is getting ridiculous! I support the fans. Trek belongs to all of us.”
Copyright law begs to differ.

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