Lawyer up, Mickey! (2)

Deadmau5-Disney-FantasiaBecause Knijff trademark attorneys is attending the Amsterdam Dance Event, some more DJ news: electronic musician Deadmau5 has taken a new step in his fight against Disney over his ‘mouse head’ logo (see our earlier post here), and filed his submissions with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. And the submissions are serious..

Apparently, Deadmau5 has submitted a 1000-page-plus (!) response replying to Disney’s claims. The submissions include many iterations of Disney’s mouse-head logo used in comparison to show that his logo does not in fact infringe on their design.

The response also suggests that Disney “has continued to seek to collaborate with him on a number of projects even after filing the opposition.” The collaboration being referred to concerns Disney approaching Deadmau5 in October 2013 to have him rework and perform the music from Disney’s Fantasia.

Joel Zimmerman, the man behind Deadmau5, also claimed he’s is missing out on work opportunities, because of Disney’s. He was asked to remix the Star Wars rebel theme, instead the job went to Flux Pavilion, another DJ.

Furthermore, Deadmau5 was also canceled from performing on the Disney owned ABC Jimmy Kimmel show. Even though he was invited by ABC, a Disney executive higher up heard about the plans and quickly had it canceled.

It seems that the great Disney has found a serious adversary in the DJ. Maybe it can act as the script for a future Disney feature film: Mickey versus Deadmau5?


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