Let the Games begin: Prelude

London hosts the Olympic Summer Games this year. The general ticket conditions of the Games state that it is forbidden to share photos of any of the events via social media.

The conditions state: “Photos, videos and sound recordings of the Olympics may not be used for purposes other than for private and domestic purposes. Ticket holders do not have permission to use the images or sounds to broadcast or publish, including on social media and the Internet in general.

MarkMatters.com understands the enormous (financial) interests connected to the Olympics, but this seems a bit out of touch with reality. Thankfully, they remain realistic: “The Internet has changed the world. The reality is that we live in a world where content is share daily via Facebook, there is not much we can do”, said Keith Mills, vice president of the organization of the Olympic Games. “We’re trying to stop people who use the images for commercial purposes.

The Olympic Games are legally very interesting. It is not exceptional that special laws are in force during the Games. Very strict laws. So strict even that athletes may not be photographed or filmed with a brand that is not an official sponsor of the event.

MarkMatters.com is looking forward to the upcoming Olympics. Every Friday during the Games we will post an Olympic Ambush Marketing example, of which there are many.

Let the Games begin.

© Photo: Gorilla.

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