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It is always fun to see how a logo has developed through time. You sometimes tend to forget what the old logo looked like, once the new, restyled logo has set in your consumer’s brain.

Restyling a logo is not always without danger.

First of all, you will have to register the new logo as a trademark. Don’t forget to do that!

Secondly, sometimes a new logo is not a great idea, simply because the public still likes the old logo. Clothing company The Gap recently launched its new logo through social media. Immediately they received so many negative reactions, that they decided to stick with the old logo, undoubtedly having wasted too much money on the restyling process.

Coca-Cola made the same mistake many years ago. Not with the logo, but with the taste. After changing the soft drink’s recipe, people stopped buying it. So, back came the old recipe. Under the name Coca-Cola Classic.

Learn from the mistakes made and, as a trademark owner, beware before restyling of completely changing the face of your company.

Design agency StockLogos has made a funny series of logo evolutions. Do you want a peak into the future? Want to know how your favorite company’s logo will look like in a few years? Check out their website.

The Starbucks logo will be minimized into simply a green dot, getting rid of the mermaid altogether. Gap will continue to go back and forth between new logo’s and their current logo. And Nokia will cease to exist.

Let’s see what the future brings.

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