Logo fatigue

At last week’s Louis Vuitton show there was something remarkable going on: the famous LV monogram and ‘Damier canvas‘ were nowhere to be seen on the catwalk.

The brand’s two most recognisable visual identifiers seemed strikingly absent. The shift reflects a new strategy outlined earlier this year by the Marc Jacobs’ boss, Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of LVMH. After the fashion LVMH stated that the brand would open fewer stores, focus on more luxurious materials and reduce the visibility of its monogrammed products.

“Of course it would be easier for Louis Vuitton to boost its revenue; all it would take would be to launch ten new products with the monogram product, but down the road it’s not a good strategy,” Arnault said.

It is remarkable to say the least, when one of the world’s largest luxury brands shifts its focus away from the very trademarks on which its success has been built. Has Louis Vuitton detected that some of its clientele have grown tired of perpetual ‘LV’ monogram and its equally familiar Damier. Especially, when there are a lot of fakes around that obviously dilute the brand.

Are consumers tired of walking around as billboard for big brands? It this a case of luxury logo fatigue?

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