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The logowebsite Logolounge has published a great report about the latest trends in logo’s.

Some of the trends:

– “It’s been less than a handful of years since designers went on a binge with circles containing crossed anything, from arrows to lines to sticks. But, the dust has cleared.” So no crosses anymore (or at least less crosslogo’s).

– Molecules in logo’s are hot: “this group of identities conveys concepts using a visual language that connotes an appreciation of precision—everything in its place and a place for everything. Though these identities may not represent a research lab or petrochemical endeavor, they do express the understanding on the client’s part for methodology.”

– The Slash: /. “The ubiquitous slash comes of age and has found a home in the realm of identity design. But what does it mean? The forward slash has tremendous flexibility and, aside from being a separator in networking or URL addresses, it is most commonly a symbol representing “or” in between two options. It also is at home as a divider between initials such as b/w for black and white, or as a divider in a fraction, or even as the mark for a spare at your local bowling lane.”

– Written logo’s. “As this trend developed this year, it started as a recognition of the abundance of logos incorporating handwriting. Folks have been building type into shapes for years, and though that is   a modest part of this trend, the overarching majority of these look like a barista at Starbucks has been busy designing logos when not filling out the menu boards at the store.”

Source: Logolounge

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