Lost in translation

When traveling to foreign countries you will always face interesting trademark issues. Sometimes we tend to forget that the world isn’t the same everywhere. For the average Russian, Thai or Chinese, trademarks in our Latin script are generally difficult to understand. While on the other hand, trademarks in Thai, Russian (cyrillic) or Chinese scripts, besides for some visual recognition, remain guesswork.
In Thailand, Coca-Cola is using a clever trick: it puts its trademark in Latin script on one side of a can or bottle, while the other side contains the trademark written in Thai script. This way it remains clear to every consumer that this is a Coca-Cola beverage.
Finally, this gives an important other advantage, namely that this combination provides use both of the trademark in Latin script as well as the Thai script, whereas both must be registered (of course) but also used genuinely. Using the trademark in Thai script only, would jeopardize the registration in Latin script.

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