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A Classixx infringement case

A Classixx infringement caseA Los Angeles pop duo, is suing fashion retail chain H&M over the use of their band name on t-shirts.

Classixx, an LA dance-pop duo, make upbeat, metropolitan music that seems to flourish in shopping malls. But not only in shopping malls, but also in shops, so it seems.

Apparently, Swedish fashion giant H&M has been selling shirts with the word “Classixx” emblazoned across the front. The LA band claims the shirts are unlicensed, and therefore constitute a copyright infringement. A law suit was immediately filed.

H&M has dismissed all claims and states that they had never heard of the musical group before they started selling Classixx tops. Classixx’s lawyers note though, that H&M has played Classixx’s music in their stores.

It’s up to the court now.

© photo: Eric (@SorcerersStone)