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A red tab. That must be a Levi’s.

Jeans icon Levi’s is suing fashion brand Kenzo for trademark infringement over the use of a red pocket tab.

Levi’s has been known worldwide for its famous red tabs on its jeans and other clothing. The maker of the iconic “501” now alleges that the small loops of fabric, which feature in a new collection by Kenzo, are too similar to the ones it has used on its garments for decades. This could cause “incalculable and irreparable damage” to its reputation and sales, says Levi’s.

The jeans brand first introduced the “Tab Device” in the 1930s, to distinguish its products from the hundreds of other denim labels on the market. Typically appearing on the inside seam of a back right pocket, the tabs have been created in a number of colours and iterations over the years. Levi’s now argues that Kenzo’s use of the tab could be confusing for customers.

Levi’s has sent Kenzo numerous cease-and-desist letters calling for the brand to revise its design, but the brand has “not complied”.