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Apple’s Animoji

Apple's AnimojiNo company in the world is as closely monitored as Apple. Especially, new activities of Apple in the field of trademark and patent applications get a lot of attention, as they sometimes give a glimpse on its future plans.

Apple has some tricks to hide their intentions, like filing the first trademark in Jamaica, a country without an easy to consult online trademark register.

Being a popular company is fun but can also be difficult. Like the introduction of the name Animoji for an application that controls emoji with face recognition. This name was broadly discussed and got the attention of the holder of the trademark Animoji in the US, who now has started a court action against Apple.

Of course, Apple has first done good research as to the availability of the brand. Whereas, in America there was a risk, in other countries the trademark was probably available as Apple filed the trademark in several countries like Canada. And what about America? This must be a calculated risk which will probably be settled.

Apple's Animoji