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And the winner of 2018 is…

And the winner of 2018 is...

Fake news is still a trending topic in 2018. Fake or counterfeit products are also a major problem worldwide. The annual fake election of Action Plagiarius is an important moment to draw attention to this problem. During this election, a “prize” is awarded to the most shameless counterfeit. This election is part of the broader […]


And the winner of 2017 is…

And the winner of 2017 is…

In a world where fake products are still a growing problem but are rapidly caught up by the problem of fake news, there is one truth: the every year fake election of Action Plagiarius. This institute informs the public about the problem of fakes and plagiarisms and the negative impacts they have on not only […]


Oreo Neo

Markmatters is on holiday. And a great part of being on holiday is grocery shopping in a foreign country. Local delicacies, regional treats and national food and drinks. And, for the kids, cookies they know from home. Because kids like things the way they are. So, when in France, no french cookies for the kids, […]


Pokemon Go Away

pokemon go 1

It is immensely popular: the augmented reality game Pokémon Go. So popular that others try to profit! Apple claimed the Pokémon Go app was the most downloaded app of all time in Apple’s App Store. Servers in many countries around the world went down, due to the massive amount of people trying to play the game. […]


Big Green Fake

big green egg

It’s summer. It’s the season of barbecuing outside with family and friends. On your amazing and pricey Big Green Egg®. But there is a less expensive solution to your barbecue needs. A Dutch low price retailer is selling a… well… Big Green Egg lookalike. At a quarter of the price of a genuine Big Green Egg barbecue, this barbecue […]


Inside a fake Apple Watch

fake Apple watch teardown 01

For around EUR 40,- you can buy an Apple Watch on one of the many street markets in China. A fake “Apple Watch”, that is. It it obvious that it does not stand up against the EUR 300,- real thing made by Apple. But what is inside this EUR 40,- fake cousin? At first glance, can you […]


The Voice

the voice logo

Dutch production firm Talpa has scored a worldwide hit with its talent show “The Voice of…”. In China more than 157 million viewers tune in to watch the singing competition. But China also hosts a fake “The Voice”. John de Mol, Talpa’s owner, is caught in the middle of a high rising legal dispute over the name and […]


The clonephone

The Clone Phone 03

Big news yesterday: In India you can buy a smartphone for only 3 euros and 30 cents. Quite cheap, isn’t? We already know that, also in view of the sky high  profits of for example Apple that the price of an iPhone is not in relation to the costs of making the actual device. But […]


Bag to differ

Stella McCartney's Falabella tote bag

Fashion designer Stella McCartney is claiming that Steve Madden is copying her famous designer bags, and calls them a “poorly made knock-off”. Stella McCartney’s Falabella bag is one of the brand’s best-selling items. It features a very distinctive silver hardware chain trim. Its success, since it launched in 2009, has spawned an entire range of […]