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Why would a sheriff do that?

Why would a sheriff do that?

Normally, as a clothing brand, you want your clothes on as many people as you can. Well, you should be careful what you wish for. A sheriff in Union County, Arkansas (USA) has been putting Nike t-shirts on people they arrest and making them wear them during mugshots, the photos the police take of people they […]


I am… too famous

I am... too famous

The big trick is to get your trademark well-known, famous even. This takes a lot of marketing effort, but who doesn’t want to be up there with Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola? Well, the city of Amsterdam doesn’t; it is removing a landmark object, because it is too famous. For nearly fifteen years, it has been a […]


Bakery Anne & Frank changes name

Bakery Anne & Frank changes name

The owner of the Anne & Frank bakery in Amsterdam is going to change its name after receiving a lot of negative attention on social media. The bakery is situated about 100 metres away from the famous Anne Frank House, where many tourists come to visit and see the house where Anne had been in […]


Summer Holiday infringements

Summer Holiday Infringements

Markmatters is back from its summer holiday and ready to provide you with more remarkable, funny and interesting IP news. But first we want to share the trademark infringements we encountered during our holidays; a trademark attorney is never really on holiday… Did you see any trademark infringement while you were away from your desk? […]


Brexit Against The Machine

Brexit against the machine

Politician Nigel Farage has received a cease-and-desist letter from the band Rage Against The Machine over the name of his podcast. Farage has been presenting a podcast named Farage Against The Machine on the radio. The title is a play on the famous band’s name. And the band is not amused. The cease-and-desist letter is a […]


Spielberg dislikes “SpielBurger”

Spielberg dislikes "SpielBurger"

US fast food restaurant chain Carl’s Jr. is getting in on the hype for Steven Spielberg’s latest movie: Ready Player One. On Sunday Carl’s Jr. tweeted that it would be changing the name of its charbroiled sliders to “SpielBurgers,” in honor of the director and his upcoming film. “Spielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we […]


Wear the Bern

When Bernie Sanders ran for president of the United States in 2016, the crowd loved him. But in the end he lost to Hillary Clinton. But his campaign lives on: as slippers! Fashion house Balenciaga is selling Bernie-inspired leather slippers. Available in either black or blue, the slippers have the logo printed on the front. We […]