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Ferrari Testalossa

ferrari testalossaFerrari has lost its Testarossa trademark in Germany.

In a remarkable decision by a German court, Ferrari has lost the rights to the “Testarossa” trademark in the country. The name may now only be used by a German toy maker.

The Italian sports car manufacturer was sued by German toy maker Autec, over the rights to use the Testarossa name. Autec argued the name had not been officially used in Germany; Ferrari ceased production of the Testarossa in 1996.

Ferrari claimed that it was still using the name, namely for restoration, and service surrounding the super sports car. It still produces parts and works with Testarossa customers.

But the German court was relentless: since Ferrari hasn’t actually been using the name Testarossa for over two decades, it cannot be allowed to keep others from using the name. The services provided by Ferrari surrounding the Testarossa were insufficient for claiming use, since technically the services are provided under the Ferrari brand itself.

Ferrari may still appeal the decision, but suffered a heavy loss.