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framedThe ‘Dubai Frame’, a gigantic 150 metres high and 93 metres wide structure, nears completion despite the fact the original architect has sued for copyright infringement.

The work of art is due to open later this year. Fernando Donis, a Rotterdam-based architect, won an international competition for the project nine years ago, organised by the Dubai Municipality Donis’ proposal – also named the Dubai Frame – featured two parallel towers linked by an observation deck, a similar shape to a temporary landmark the architect had previously designed for London.

Donis has filed a law suit in the US against the Dubai Municipality, claiming he never received compensation for his design.

The government of Dubai has dismissed the complaints, stating the architect received a $100,000 prize for winning the competition. However, the rules of the contest stated the winner would keep his copyright and that his design would only be used after he had signed a contract.

It will be up to a court to decide whether Donis will be compensated, or if he will be framed by Dubai.

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