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Lil distinctive

Lil distinctiveOne of the advantages of Spotify is that they provide us a worldwide database of all names of bands and artists. Spotify recently did a search as to artists with Lil in their names. This resulted in a list of over the 8.000 artists! The best known are Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Pump. Lil, a kind of abbreviation of Little, is a very popular word.

The parallel with trademarks is of course striking. When we see the trademark register over time, popular words in trademark come and go.

But if everyone uses popular words, are you still distinctive? In case of the Lil-artists one can say that the Lil-element has been diluted. With this element alone you will therefore not be able to distinguish yourself from the rest. So just as for artists, you have to think twice about your name to get a distinctive brand.