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Logos united

Logos unitedGenerally, consumers will pay the most attention to words as words are the easiest to communicate. But brands are also often recognized by its figurative elements and colors.

In addition to a word mark, a registration of the logo is often recommended. If you always use this logo in combination with your name, then the registration of this combination as a logo is the most advisable (if the budget is limited and you do not want multiple applications). If you also use the figurative element as a sole element, then a registration of the figurative element alone is useful: the element gets the full protection (the word will not be of any influence in a trademark matter).

What is the scope of the protection of a logo? As with other trademarks, a similarity must exist between the signs. The visual resemblance is very important when assessing different logos. Often, signs must be very similar in order to establish a similarity. For example, the following trademarks were not regarded to be similar by EUIPO. 

Logos united