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Maya the smoking Bee

maya the smoking beeBelgian children’s program producer Studio 100 has gotten into a copyright fight over its icon cartoon “Maya the Bee”, after a Greenpeace campaign had used the image of the cartoon character.

Just before the summer, Greenpeace launched an ad campaign criticizing Studio 100, because it uses popular children’s figures such as Maya the Bee to advertise for prepared meat products.

According to the World Food Organization, that kind of meat is carcinogenic. With the campaign, Greenpeace tried to put pressure on Studio 100 to stop contracts with meat producers focusing their marketing techniques on children.

In its communication, Greenpeace used Maya the Bee, parodied, in a fake spot to advertise children’s cigarettes.

A Studio 100 spokesperson called it a ‘disgraceful campaign’, accusing Greenpeace of infringing the exclusive rights of Studio 100 to exploit, reproduce and commercialize the Maya the Bee character, and stated that its ad was unethical and caused a negative impact on children.

Meanwhile Greenpeace apologized for the campaign, but emphasized that it does nto apologize to Studio 100.