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Who can beat Ajax?

Upcoming Sunday promises to be one of the most exciting climaxes of the Dutch Soccer League (Eredivisie). A direct confrontation between Ajax and FC Twente, the nos. 2 and 1 of the League. Only one game left and just one point difference between the two teams. Advertisers are already playing along in this race. Cillit […]


Registration in both Benelux and EU: double trouble?

The world is getting smaller. Boundaries blur. Often it seems attractive to your register your trademark in a large number of countries all at once, through a Community trademark application (CTM). As The Netherlands is part of the European Union, and if your business is rapidly expanding, why not register your trademark through a European […]


History of the Apple logo

The Apple-logo is probably one of the most recognizable logo’s in de world. Hard to imagine that the logo as had some major revisions through the years. The first ever Apple-logo was designed by the third, and lesser known, co-founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne. And yes, there is an apple in there somewhere. See if […]


Most painful trademark mistake ever?

The Chinese/Taiwanese company Joden Inc. looks like a respectable company. Still, the company is responsible for undoubtedly one of the painful trademark mistakes in The Benelux. Ever. Joden Inc. has applied for the trademark  JODEN (Dutch for ‘jews’) for, amongst others, shower systems. The Benelux Trademarks Office has immediately refused the trademark given the painful […]