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Rebranding gone bad?

Italian football club Juventus had changed its logo. But changing your logo is not always a good idea.

Established in 1897, Juventus F.C. — or Juve, or I Bianconeri (the black-and-white) — is a professional Italian football club based in Turin and one of the most famous and successful teams in soccer history.

This year the team introduced a new logo and identity. But with its new logo, it throws away decades of distinctiveness and brand heritage.

The transformation encompasses a brand-new visual identity; a simple design centred around sharp lines portraying the letter “J”.

Twitter went crazy: angry fans who hate the new logo and bemoan the loss of a traditional seal. On the other hand: when you look at the other football clubs in the “Serie A”, Italy’s highest football division, you cannot help but notice that ‘Juve’ is different. But is it different in a good way?

What do you think?