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SimCity 2000 remake taken down

SimCity 2000 remake taken downComputer game developer Electronic Arts has started a take-down procedure against OpenSC2K, a fan-created remake of the classic city-building title SimCity 2000.

In the beginning of this century, SimCity 2000 was a monster hit of a game, in which players could build their own cities that they had to run like a mayor. OpenSC2K developed a remake of the iconic game.

EA claims that the open source remake was in fact using copyrighted assets lifted directly from the original game, despite the game being described as open source.

OpenSC2K creator Nicholas Ochoa claimed that he had not been contacted by EA prior to the takedown notice. “I received notification after the fact,” said Ochoa. “Nobody from EA has reached out since. I just wish they’d have reached out first, I would’ve gladly removed the content quickly and without issue.”

The takedown apparently wasn’t a total surprise to the developer, however. When the game was first announced, a number of people had pointed out the potential copyright infringement involved.