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Love Airbnb

Love Airbnb

Planning a city trip has never been easier: you can book an hotel from the comfort of your living room couch. And you can even book a whole house through Airbnb. The idea and application of Airbnb is so good, that many are standing in line to copy it. Markmatters noticed a new website: Lovebnb. Not […]


No infringement in the air

No infringement in the air

In no time, Airbnb has become a world famous company. The idea of a marketplace for short rentals of apartments is not unique, but the ease of use and the thousands of people in each town that offer their home make Airbnb a popular alternative to the average hotel room of 16m2. We are huge […]


Why the air?

Airdnd copies Airbnb

Originality is great. But it is difficult. To come up with a new concept and new brand is hard work. Really hard work. So copying sometimes seems the easy way out. Markmatters stumbled upon this new website. A website with an original concept: drinking and dining in the living room of an amateur chef. Cool! […]


‘A’ is for Airbnb

airbnb new logo

Airbnb switched to its ‘Bélo’ logo almost a year ago. At the time it got a lot of criticism: it evoked a certain part of the female anatomy, but it was also very similar to the logo for Automation Anywhere. But actually, the shape of Airbnb’s exact logo was found in an old trademarks book. The […]


Love isn’t in the Air

airbnb new logo

Airbnb, the famous home-rental service, has rebranded and launched its new logo this week. It is now facing a backlash on social media. Although many have praised the new look, other commentators have suggested it looks like sexual organs and/or other parts of the human body. The rebrand was carried out by the London-based firm DesignStudio. Founder Ben […]