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To be Frank

The Anne Frank tourism has expanded enormously in recent years. For instance, the ancient home of Anne in Frankfurt am Main, is heavily promoted by the city as a tourist attraction. Her former home at the Merwedeplein in Amsterdam has been returned in its original condition to attract visitors. Recently a snack bar has been […]


Frank is not a Mark

It’s a small house, but an enormous tourist attraction in Amsterdam: the Anne Frank House. Named after Anne Frank, a daughter of a Jewish couple that hid from the Germans in a secret annex, behind a bookcase, during the Second World War. Anne used her diary to get her frustration of hiding off her chest. […]


Anne Frank, the trademark

Who owns the name Anne Frank? According to the Benelux trademark register, the Anne Frank Foundation, the foundation who runs the Achterhuis (the house where Anne Frank was hidden) and who manages the museum located in the Achterhuis, is the holder of several trademark registrations of Anne Frank. The Anne Frank-Fonds in Switzerland is the manager of the copyrights […]