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Think similar

Think similar

Earlier Swatch and Apple were sworn enemies after the public announcement of the Apple iWatch. Swatch had already registered the trademark iSwatch and eventually Apple chose another name. Nevertheless Apple applied for the iWatch trademark in some countries, probably just to see how strong the position of Swatch was. Now it’s the other way around: […]


Trademark classics: Apple vs. Apple

trademark classic: Apple vs. Apple

Everyday trademarks are born. Everyday trademarks disappear from the consumer’s minds and everyday trademarks are infringed. Let’s not forget the classics. Today: Apple versus Apple. When Apple founder Steve Jobs named his company, he must have foreseen he’d attract the attention of Apple Corps. Apple Corps was the holding company founded by the Beatles in […]


The Mac Monopoly

The Mac Monopoly

Although large companies often have specialized trademark departments that are working daily to protect new brands and defend existing brands, these departments have to deal with a limited budget. A preferred solution is to avoid lengthy and costly legal procedures. But how to avoid these? Sometimes smart registration can create such a convincing position that […]


This is penis

this is penis

The new iPhone 7 has been introduced and will be available soon. But the new Apple campaign slogan translates to something quite nasty in Cantonese. Apple’s ‘This is 7’ slogan for its new iPhone 7 has a rather unfortunate translation in Hong Kong. Smartphone users have been mocking the technology firm’s latest marketing line because […]


Watch the iSwatch against iWatch case

Watch the iSwatch against iWatch case

Will Apple and Swatch ever be friends again? The fight between the two began when Apple announced the iWatch. Swatch had already registered the trademark iSwatch and feared confusion between the marks. Ultimately, Apple chose a different name, namely Apple Watch. But Apple was interested to learn how trademark offices would assess the matter and […]


No patent pending

iphone colors

A Florida man swears he invented the iPhone before Apple did. So he’s suing the company for $10 billion. Thomas S. Ross is convinced Apple stole his idea for the iPhone, and he’s got drawings from 1992 to prove it. Oh yes, and an abandoned patent. A minor detail. Ross made three hand-drawn technical mockups in 1992. […]


Apple copies iPhone design?

Baili 100C - iPhone 6 01

A Chinese device maker is suing Apple for allegedly copying its smartphone design in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, you are reading this right. It’s the other way around this time! A Chinese court recently granted Chinese smartphone maker Baili an injunction that would have forced Apple to remove the iPhone 6 line […]


Inside a fake Apple Watch

fake Apple watch teardown 01

For around EUR 40,- you can buy an Apple Watch on one of the many street markets in China. A fake “Apple Watch”, that is. It it obvious that it does not stand up against the EUR 300,- real thing made by Apple. But what is inside this EUR 40,- fake cousin? At first glance, can you […]


Apple loses iPhone


Apple has lost its exclusive rights to the name iPhone in China. A Chinese bag manufacturer may now use the name iPhone for its products. The Silicon valley giant has been in a legal struggle with the Chinese company Xintong Tiandi since 2012. Apple had sued the company because it puts the name “iPhone” on its handbags, carrying […]


Apples and pears

trademark classic: Apple vs. Apple

We have always been taught that we have to compare apples with apples, and certainly not with oranges. But what if the famous apple logo opposes a pear logo (see below)? Then, duty calls. We did see it earlier in the case between Ford which objected to Torq, sometimes you are better off as well-known […]