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Calvin no luck

Defensive trademarks are sometimes the subject of discussion. Should trademark law be used in order to maximize protection, while often there is no intention to use the trademark as filed? Defensive trademarks are rewarding though, especially in Europe where the scope of protection seems to be diminishing. And the first five years (in the EU), […]


Kalvin Clein

Calvin Klein - Dyslexic Collection 2

Sometimes counterfeit should be art, Jan-Dirk van der Burg must have thought. The Dutch photographer collected eleven items of counterfeit Calvin Klein underwear from all over the world, and made an impressive photo collection. The photos are set up as an actual Calvin Klein advertising campaign: black and white photos of muscular men in underwear. […]


The burden of being famous

After many years of procedural actions, there is finally a decision in the Irish opposition between the well known fashion brand Calvin Klein and calinkalin, a brand for (mainly) maternity wear. Calvin Klein argued that consumers could be confused. The Irish Trademarks Office should take into account that Calvin Klein is widely known which leads […]